3D VR Tour

Gregorio Ordoñez Exhibition

We created an outdoor and indoor virtual experience of San Sebastian’s Palacio Miramar. The purpose was to recreate Gregorio Ordoñez’s honorary exhibition and allow everyone around the globe to learn about his story as a pioneer and brave politician murdered by ETA.
Client: Fundación Gregorio Ordoñez
Link: https://fgregorioordonez.com/expo/


El templo olvidado
Hidden during many years in one of the most iconic streets in Madrid, the Beti-Jai building was recently rediscovered as a unique part of the city’s history. We built a virtual tour to allow visitors to enter the beautiful spot from Marques de Riscal street and enjoy this 19th century basque ball court.
Client: Freebox
Link: https://freebox.es/BetiJai/

Parece Ser

This exhibition is placed in a mysterious imaginary space to show the incredible pieces of art signed by Maria Jesús Rodriguez de La Torre. This rendering was created in order to enable this artist to reach a wider audience.
Client: Maria Jesús Rodriguez de La Torre